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Celebrity Fashion Tips and Tricks

Cover Girl Poncho in the style of Blair Waldorf

Celebrity endorsers love to find the exact style in which their favourite stars are using. Everybody wants to be the most eye catching personality on the planet. The majority of us are inspired and want to follow the celebrity fashion and hope to achieve the same appearance like them. We usually get curious about the tricks and tools celebrities use to maintain their perfect look and we too can achieve the same. Every actor and model has a secret tool that helps in attaining that specific charm and we will share some of these tips and tricks here.

Makeup Tips and Tricks

Here’s a few makeup tricks to keep in mind to put a glance of modernization and boldness in your look, just like the celebrities:

  • Do not go for the black eyeliner as it narrows the shape of your eye. You can reach the slate color because it suits everyone especially if you don’t want to go for green and blues. Add white shimmer in the V shape on the corners of the lid. Always use the eye lash curler and apply the mascara.
  • Do not go for the shimmery red and pink blushers in day time. To make you cheeks chiseled use the bronze and the highlighting powder. Apply bronze on your cheeks while making the fish face and then smile to apply the highlighter from cheeks to temples. Move the blusher into circular motion to smudge it perfectly.
  • Bronze always creates a shadow to make the larger area appear smaller. You can use it to make a shape from temple to temple. If you have the gap between your hairline. To fill the gap of the bangs always use the matte bronze instead of going for shimmery thing.
  • Cover your eye lid with white pencil before applying any color because it will make your eye shadow pop out. You can also turn your pencil liner into gel by heating it a little on lighter or match. It melts the tips of the liner and turns its oil to become greasy.
  •  Make your eye shadow powders into the mind blowing shades of lipstick by simply adding these pigments into the petroleum jelly.
  • This season nail art is more in fashion. However several celebrities are seen with natural white nice nails. They look bold and more attractive as compared to the brighter tones. The nail stylists are more in the favour of natural nails because they find it fresh and eye catching. Carrying the natural nails is not that tough, if you take a little care. Do not wait for the nails to entirely grow up. Always shape them eventually as they are smaller in size. Do not shape or cut your nails after taking shower. Try to wear the gloves while cleaning or dishwashing because water is not good for your nails, every time.

Clothing and accessories Tips and Tricks

This season animal prints and geometrical shapes are seen among the celebrity clothing. Most of the celebrities prefer to be totally into natural colors or to add the glance of dazzling bright hues. The geometrical shapes are seen in the casual wear like it was used in the seventies era. They are also worn with white color that is always outstanding and helps the other color to become more prominent. When it comes into combinations the embellished shorts and trousers are also in fashion. They are made into simple cotton or crepe and adorned with the cotton lace. Wrap up miniskirts are worn more as the sophisticated outfits and are preferred for the formal wear by the people. However they are not largely seen on the red carpet.

Slim jeans and skinnies are in fashion as the casual wear. Most of the celebrities are seen in the typical street fashion this season. It is highly demanded by both, celebrities and their endorsers.  Pairing slim jeans with heels is always an amazing combination that is highly appreciated everywhere. It is stylish however tricky so you have to select carefully what you are going to carry. For the casual wear printed sneakers are also highly admired. They are worn with jeans and casual miniskirts as well. There are some basic clothing tricks celebrities use to enhance their beauty.

  • We find it more graceful when the celebrities wear it. This is all because they carry the outfit in the way. Only thing everyone has to follow is their own natural look. The celebrities are celebrities because they admire what they are.
  • During summer they carry water or frozen yoghurt with them to have it eventually. This helps them to overcome the sun protection. Always use a good SPF sunscreen according to the skin type.
  • Hats and scarves are in fashion. Most of the celebrities are seen with stylish summer hats, straw hats and scarves.
  • Prints are highly in demand. The printed midi dresses and short dresses are admired. The stuff used is mostly cotton.
  • When it is about to expose the back and shoulders they usually go for the sticky stuff. However it is not for the sweaty season because it slips when it is wet. Always expose only one body part or go for a partial one. Never over expose yourself anywhere.
  •  The biggest trick is the slimmer used by the celebs. If you are going to wear a very special dress do not forget to buy a slimmer to reach a perfect shape.
  • If you wear the high heels matched to your skin tone. They will make your legs appear longer.
  • While grabbing a bright color always try to combine it with a neutral one. It will keep you out of doubts and will always stand out. Celebrities usually carry the colorful accessories or animal prints especially when they are going for entirely neutral color scheme.


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