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My favorite thing about the Dotti site is that it offers videos to showcase each item. Whenever I shop online, I’m hesitant to purchase items that I think will fit me in a much different way from how the model wears it. Oftentimes, I’m convinced that the model has the item pinned in the back in order to accentuate the fit, but when I order the item in my correct size I find the fit to be completely different. Having these videos readily available for the products makes it so much easier for me to shop. I can tell how the product moves on the model, if it is snugger or looser than the original picture, and it gives me a realistic depiction of how the item would look on me. I was hesitant to buy the “Crossing Over Long Playsuit” until I watched the video and saw that the quality of the fabric and the way the playsuit fits looked awesome.
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Dotti is always running a bunch of great sales on all different categories of clothes and shoes/accessories. Occasionally they offer a sale that includes free delivery, which is especially helpful for people who live outside of Australia and New Zealand. Dotti has a great mix of “casual basics,” which are items that I typically wear every day, as well as “statement pieces” that I reserve for special occasions. The most recent statement piece I got was the “Pacha Piped Bustier Bikini” I saw a similar bikini at a very popular U.S. retailer for almost triple the price, so when I saw this deal on Dotti I just couldn’t resist.

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I also love the “Highrise Supertube Oilslick Jean” and they are surprisingly comfortable given their leather-esque material. Dotti offers a small collection of kimonos, which is something you really don’t see at many other retailers.

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My favorite is the “Fleur Kimono” because it gives a pop of color and the light fabric is so comfortable. The Lookbook section of the Dotti website always gives me great outfit ideas, and I turn to this page often for fashion inspiration. Dotti also has a presence on Instagram which gives me a daily reminder why I love their clothes so much.

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I have found that the quality of the products sold on the Dotti site are great, and it’s helpful to check the sizing chart because most items are pretty true-to-size; that way, I can minimize the frequency of my returns, if any. The site also features a “Wishlist” option for you to save items that you plan on buying later, or just really like. This is a fun (and efficient) way to develop a wish list for your birthday or holidays; just send your loved ones the link and they automatically have a list of gifts that they know you’ll love. Dotti also features a “Gift Shop” section of the site with fun, random items that make perfect gifts. I liked the “Rose Gold Coconut Candle” and I gave it to a friend who loves candles; the sleek design made a nice addition to her bedroom. I gave another friend the “Elephant Jewellery Dish” and it looked like I got it from a specialty boutique store – but I actually got it for a great price here on Dotti!


Have a look at some of these stunning clothing line:

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