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What Clothes make you Feel Sexy?

Zalora - Sporty Stripe Sheath Dress - Dresses (Navy & Orange)

An outfit doesn’t have to be like a second skin in order to make you feel sexy – all you have to do is carry it well. Fashion has undergone a major overhaul – gone are the days when plus size attire meant baggy sweats and tees while people who were too thin had a tough time choosing clothes to flatter their body type. Stylish and chic options are now available for a wide range of sizes – all you need to do is wear appropriate clothes that suit you and bring out your inner diva!

The Little Black Dress

Popularly referred to as LBD, the little black dress never fails to make a lasting impression. This is the Hail Mary for women when nothing else seems to work out. It is available in a number of brands and sizes so the choice is yours. Endless experiments can be done using the LBD – wear it super-short with spaghetti straps, don a strapless knee-length dress, or flaunt a stylish halter neck cut deep at the back. Wear the dress, put on a pair of strappy heels, take an elegant clutch, and you are all set!


They work equally well for formal and casual gatherings. It is a must-have in women’s closets these days. Opt for a single color outfit in shades of black, red, blue, or try different patterns with pastel shades as the background. Floral prints are in great demand now. Another version of jumpsuits is fast catching on, which are known as playsuits. The design is the same except that the lower part is not long, but is styled like shorts or hot pants. You can accessorise with brightly colored pendants and chunky bangles, but what really accentuates them are sleek anklets and toe rings.

Asymmetrical Skirts

The asymmetrical pattern is making a huge comeback and how! Abstract styles, irregular cuts, flowing designs – you name it, you get it. In this section stripes are ruling the roost with white, black, and blue as base colors. You can wear all types of footwear with this pattern including heels, flats, and sandals. Wrap-around skirts in this style are also available, while some varieties have slits on the sides.

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