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Fashion Shop - Why Shop At ASOS

I always have trouble finding clothes that fit me right, but the Petite section on the ASOS website has a beautiful selection! It’s usually the most difficult to find pants that fit me right around the waist but are also short enough in the legs that I don’t have to get them hemmed. I love the “Noisy May Petite Busted Knee Jegging” because they fit snug without being tight, and the ripped knee gives it a unique look. I have typically bought thin leggings from a very popular store for quite cheap, but they become almost see-through after a few rounds in the laundry. I like the “jegging” look because it gives you the comfort of a legging but the structure and look of jeans.

The Busted Knee Jegging pairs well with the “ASOS PETITE Sleeveless Shirt” – my favorite shirt to wear during the day or night. It’s the perfect shirt to wear with a pencil skirt and a cute blazer for work as well. I like to buy clothes that serve me multiple functions – for example, clothes that I can modify by changing my shoes or jacket to transform an outfit from a “day” outfit into a “night” outfit. I also especially love the “ASOS PETITE Shift Dress in Ponte with 3/4 Sleeves” in red because it’s a casual, comfortable dress that I could easily transform into an outfit for work where I need to dress professionally. The prices are reasonable, especially considering the quality of clothes. I’m tired of saving money on clothes just to have them shrink or lose color in the laundry.

I love the ASOS brand because it’s stylish, modern, and affordable. I like to consider myself a bit of a trendsetter, and the simple yet fashionable clothes I get from ASOS are unlike many other stores. My friends are always asking where I got my clothes and as soon as I show them the ASOS website, they’re hooked. I’m also usually pretty picky about shoes – I like good-quality shoes that are still comfortable and affordable. I really like the “ASOS EARLY RISER Ankle Boots” because they are snug and surprisingly comfortable. I can wear these all night without my feet hurting, and they pair really well with leggings or jeans. The color is a subtle brownish-gray that matches with a lot of my clothes, so I know I’ll get good use out of these ankle boots.

I really appreciate that ASOS offers a student discount, and always has some type of sale going on their website. I only have a few fashion companies that I consult with when I want to buy something new, and now ASOS is one of them. When I shop at ASOS, I get a similar price point to many other stores but a noticeable difference in the quality of clothes and shoes. The fact that they offer free delivery worldwide above a certain amount is a great deal. (AU)


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